The challenge of drawing lines that represent the realities of quantum mechanics occupies me constantly, going through different stages of forms likely to give me a clue.

How can I find a way to approach these themes and eventually come to an understanding that does not depend on intellectual capacities, but rather comes through a sort of intuitive ability?

My mathematical faculties are not famous and my ways of logic are rather spontaneous so I have to seek orientation with the only tool at my disposal: The pencil.

Lines may start at any point, but once put into motion, where will they go?
Will they continue forever, past the borders of the paper or board, will they leave the room and join the waves of particles that constantly surround and transpierce us?

Developing structures go either towards order or towards chaos. There are short moments of zero movement where the direction changes, where growth stops and decay starts. Patterns fall apart and rebuild.

The intention of my drawings is to visualise the process of forming and dissolving order, the waves of interacting particles exchanging energy so fast that it seems like solid matter to us.

The pale-yellow colour opens up the square. What is visible within the area represents one possibility out of millions, and no hard facts from which you can draw solid conclusions. I do not have to defend any scientific theory, nor do I need to explain the meaning of every element.
The liberty of interpretation is not violated.
I propose an image of events that take place every nanosecond, in and around us.

The square is neutral. It does not presuppose any special subject to be treated within its borders. You are not expected to compose in any classical way upon a square, it will always seem like a section of something vaster.
In this case, much vaster.