The work is left open for new and further interpretation. I would like the onlooker to see that it is possible to continue the development of forms and lines. I consider these drawings to represent intermediary stages of a never-ending process. I want my drawings and sculptures to be transparent and weightless. There will be no resistance and no gravity in this floating atmosphere. All movement would eventually come to a halt for a split second where time stops and space and order disintegrate. Time and space are concepts of the established order that we need for orientation in this complicated universe and to give it a meaning. We must be able to measure the circumstances under which we are living, else we get lost. Into this environment of numbers and words, we put ourselves and our dear objects, mountains and oceans. The more we measure, the more safe and comfortable we feel. We even want to measure the irrational, like art. How much art does this object contain? We invent rules for everything and define every single bit of this planet and beyond. Unveiling mysteries is a fulltime job for a lot of people. We are craving for absolute constants.